16 Oct 2006

Sacked Fiji minister to stay with ruling SDL party

3:57 pm on 16 October 2006

Fiji's ruling SDL party says that sacked state minister Rajesh Singh is still a member of the party and does not intend to resign.

Mr Singh was sacked last week as minister of state for youth and sport by prime minister Laisenia Qarase.

The sacking stemmed from Mr Singh's repeated public calls for the tabling of the audited accounts of the 2003 South Pacific Games.

Mr Qarase, who Mr Singh described last week as a backstabber, said that ministers of state should not make policy statements.

However, the SDL director Peceli Kinivuwai says both men have resolved their differences and Mr Singh is committed to the party.

"In fact he has spoken to the Prime Minister, the parliamentary leader, and we have decided to let the matter rest there. If there's any other comments regarding Rajesh Singh it has to come to the party. As it is, the matter has rested and he's now an ordinary backbencher and member of parliament. But he's still very much a member of the SDL party."

SDL director Peceli Kinivuwai