13 Oct 2006

Sacked minister in Fiji has described prime minister as a backstabber

9:51 am on 13 October 2006

Fiji's sacked minister of state for youth and sport, Rajesh Singh, has described the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, as a backstabber.

Mr Singh says he was not told of his sacking and the first he heard of it was from the media.

Mr Singh has told the Daily Post newspaper he was not surprised by the decision to terminate his appointment, but the manner in which the prime minister went behind his back was not fair.

He said he had been "stabbed in the back.""

On a statement from the Prime Minister's Office that the SDL MP would now carry on as a government backbencher, Mr Singh said no one would dictate to him what to do in the future.

He said the decision on whether he will continue to as an MP is for him to make and he will answer that question soon.

The sacking stems from Mr Singh's repeated public calls for the tabling of the audited accounts of the 2003 South Pacific Games - an issue over which he earlier said his life had been threatened.