13 Oct 2006

Samoa's government warns shop owners against over-pricing goods

9:31 am on 13 October 2006

Samoa's Minister of Finance, Niko Lee Hang, is urging consumers to report any shop owner who is over-pricing goods after the new increase of 2.5 percent of the Value Added Goods and service tax or VAGST came into effect this month.

The Minister on SBC TV says concerns have been raised about the illegal practice but his ministry cannot do anything unless consumers lodge a formal complaint.

Mr Lee Hang says his office and the Minister of Trade and Commerce are working together to investigate some complaints of goods over-pricing.

He says owners of retail shops who over-charge consumers will face legal action.

The new 2.5 percent VAGST increase was approved for the current financial year budget which boosts the Vagst tax to 15 percent.