13 Oct 2006

Unions in French Polynesia set up roadblocks around capital

8:42 am on 13 October 2006

Unions in French Polynesia have set up roadblocks around Papeete in the early hours of today.

Busses have been placed across a key road on the city's west to stop all vehicles but motorbikes and pedestrians can pass.

The protestors say they want to stop the government from introducing new taxes but last night, the vice-president said he didn't understand what the demand was about as there are no provisions in the budget for new taxes.

There are also plans for a demonstrations against high prices this morning, with marchers walking to the territorial assembly.

Another demonstration is planned by another union in two days.

One union says if their demands put to the government are not met, there will be an unlimited general strike from the end of next week.