10 Oct 2006

Challenge expected to Forum Secretariat secretary-general continuing in post

7:39 pm on 10 October 2006

There is expected to be a challenge to the secretary-general of the Forum Secretariat, Greg Urwin, continuing in his post.

Mr Urwin has stated that he would be available for a second term but the decision to reconfirm his appointment, or to opt for another candidate, will be made later this month at the Forum by the leaders of the Forum Island countries.

The deputy chief executive of Fiji's Foreign Affairs department, Amena Yauvoli, said the call for Fiji to put up a name for the post had come from the Melanesian countries, including Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Mr Yauvoli says it was the understanding of Forum countries that Mr Urwin would be in the post for one term only.

"It has been discussed by certain Forum members and Fiji has been requested to put up a name but at the moment it's still with the prime minister's office whom that candidate would be.'"

Mr Yauvoli would not discuss the names of any possible candidates and says it will be up to the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase to make a decision.