9 Oct 2006

Doubts that Solomons leader will allow no confidence vote to go ahead

8:02 pm on 9 October 2006

There is doubt whether a planned vote of no confidence in the Solomon Islands Government will go ahead.

The vote was initially set for last Friday, but opposition leader, Fred Fono, delayed it a week citing concerns that his supporters were being threatened with violence.

However when Parliament resumed today the prime minister left any vote off the agenda and announced the session would finish early - on Wednesday.

The parliamentary house committee has since met to debate the issue but says it will defer to the prime minister and the speaker.

Our correspondent, Dorothy Wickham, says the opposition is angry at the shortened session.

"Both sides are claiming they have got the numbers but Opposition leader, Fred Fono, says if the Government is confident it has the numbers why does it not allow the parliament to carry on until Friday and vote on the motion then."

Dorothy Wickham also says the opposition called for next session to be held in December not February as the government is planning.