7 Oct 2006

Fiji's military calls on government to resign

9:13 am on 7 October 2006

Fiji's military has called on the Qarase government to resign.

Radio Legend quotes the military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni, as saying the government has lost all semblance of credibility, integrity and honesty as the country sinks into an economic and financial abyss.

He says this will lead to irreparable damage.

Major Leweni says if the government is not willing to resign, it should take heed of the warning signs which appear almost daily in the High Court case dealing with the 13-million US dollar agriculture ministry scam.

He says the young generation, and in particular future leaders, are seeing the state of affairs in the government and its ministers who are being led like sheep to the slaughter in the High Court.

Major Leweni says in an open and true democracy all holders of public office implicated in the scam would have already resigned to ensure the sanctity and validity of the government.

H says the military is distressed that the poor and the innocent will have to bear the brunt of corruption.