26 Sep 2006

Vanuatu National Party extends power base to North West Santo

6:58 pm on 26 September 2006

Over 800 supporters of Vanuatu's Union of Moderate Party and National United Party have decided to switch allegiance and join the Vanuatu National Party.

The Daily Post reports that the conversions have taken place in North West Santo.

It says the VNP, a government coalition partner, is rapidly growing in the northern town and also in the rural areas of Sanma Province.

The party's believed to have grown because of the initiatives of the party to assist communities before the communities can sustain their own small projects.

A sub-committee formed to push for development in the area says they believe joining the VNP will make a difference to their development needs.

A spokesman says telecommunication and transportation are two important needs that have longed been sidelined, with the area's isolation making it difficult to communicate with others.