26 Sep 2006

Cooks to go to polls in snap election

3:34 pm on 26 September 2006

The people of the Cook Islands go to the polls tomorrow, two years earlier than expected.

In a by-election in the village of Matavera earlier this year, the opposition Cook Islands Party took the seat from the Democratic Party.

That led to parliament being dissolved and a snap election was called.

Elma MaUa reports from the Cook Islands.

"Nearly 10,000 eligible voters will go to the polls tomorrow with the two major political parties already convinced of a victory. However, an election opinion poll of two-hundred voters show the race is neck in neck and the result will see the parties end up with twelve seats each. That won't be a good result for a country who has seen at least eight coalition governments in the last ten years. So the mud-slinging and accusations end later tonight in what some are claiming is the dirtiest political campaign ever."