25 Sep 2006

French Polynesian MP Frebault loses seat in high commission ruling

12:36 pm on 25 September 2006

The French high commission has struck off a French Polynesian assembly member, Jean-Alain Frebault, putting the majority of the ruling Union For Democracy at risk.

The high commission in Tahiti found that Mr Frebault failed to explain the nature of his remuneration as chairman of the board of the publicly owned OPT telephone company.

A complaint had been lodged by an OPT employee who claimed that as an MP Mr Frebault was not allowed to hold the chairmanship.

Mr Frebault, who was elected as an opposition MP two years ago, defected to the goverment camp but will be replaced by Fabiola Taata of the opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira.

A government MP, Myron Mataoa, has told local radio that the French state is not impartial by removing the MP.

Last week, a judge found that Mr Frebault had done no wrong because he was not remunerated for his board position.