25 Sep 2006

Taiwanese ambassador says multi-million dollar project at risk in Marshall Islands

5:07 pm on 25 September 2006

The Taiwanese ambassador to the Marshall Islands says a proposed floating dry-dock facility will provide many business opportunities in Majuro.

Lien-gene Chen says the company, Ching Fu, has mostly built the dock and trained up local technicians but is now waiting for approval of a second site after a first site was turned down by the Environmental Protection Agency.

There has been public opposition to the second site due to it being located close to a residential site and near the downtown port area.

Mr Chen believes the multi-million dollar project will be good for Majuro.

"It will bring numerous business opportunities for the Marshall Islands. Not only about the maintenance and repair of the boats and the ships. But, also the crews will need hotels, restaurants, taxis, they will need shopping so I think this is a very good business opportunities for all walks of life."

Mr Chen says Ching Fu may look at relocating the facility to other countries if approval for the site is not forthcoming.

A decision on that is expected next week.