21 Sep 2006

Solomons attorney general denies being dumped

2:43 pm on 21 September 2006

The Solomon Islands Attorney General, Primo Afeau, says he remains in the post and is not about to become a high court judge.

The prime minister's office claims that Mr Afeau has been dumped as attorney general after challenging the government in court over the commission of inquiry into the April riots.

But Mr Afeau says he has not resigned nor received any directive terminating his employment.

He also denies the prime minister's claims of misconduct in office and asks how such a charge can square with being offered a job as a judge.

"I see no logic whatsoever in the prime minister wanting to move me to the bench when he is at the same time accusing me of misconduct in office. Now what is the logic of that, moving someone, allegedly for misconduct, from one office, and moving him to a much higher office."