20 Sep 2006

Solomons' opposition says new attorney general must be Solomon Islander

7:22 pm on 20 September 2006

The Solomon Islands opposition says the decision by the prime minister to dump Primo Afeau as attorney general is regrettable.

Mr Afeau was removed after he had taken the government to court over the terms of reference for a commission of inquiry which the prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, is to launch into the riots that destroyed parts of Honiara in April.

A spokesperson for the government says Mr Sogavare felt he could no longer work with Mr Afeau.

The opposition leader, Fred Fono, says he is strongly opposed to the government's plans to replace Mr Afeau with a foreigner.

"Well, if he is not re-instated, my recommendation is for him [prime minister Sogavare] to appoint another Solomon Islands qualified lawyer to take on that post. Because it is very important that whoever advises the government and cabinet must be a local Solomon Islander."

Fred Fono