12 Sep 2006

Solomon Islands prime minister to face vote of no confidence

8:31 am on 12 September 2006

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, will face his first motion of no confidence when parliament meets next month.

The clerk of parliament confirmed receiving the motion from the opposition leader, Fred Fono, who said they no longer had the confidence in Mr Sogavare to lead the country.

Mr Fono says they're taking the action in light of some recent controversial decisions made by the prime minister.

The Solomon Star says these have included appointing two MPs to cabinet at a time when they were facing charges associated with the riots.

Mr Sogavare has also criticised the Attorney General, Primo Afeau, over the terms of reference in connection to the riots and attacked the judiciary, accusing it os succumbing to foreign influence.

Mr Fono says he's confident the motion will succeed and he has support from certain members and political party leaders in the government.