11 Sep 2006

Lae public in PNG warned of escapees

10:27 am on 11 September 2006

The public in Lae and Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea have been warned to take extra care following the escape of 22 detainees from the Lae Police cells.

The Post Courier reports that the 22, many of them described as dangerous, walked out of two cells that were not locked properly on Tuesday and escaped through the roof of the police station.

Among those who escaped were the four that held up Best Buy supermarket on Sunday afternoon in a daring attack, which was foiled through quick action by security guards and police.

Police said the 22 men, who were among the 60 detainees held in the Lae police cells, had used the heavy rain that night to make their dash for freedom between 10 pm and 1am.

Two of them have since been recaptured while the other 20 were still at large.

The incident has angered Mamose police chief Giossi Labi who issued a warning to the escapees to surrender now or face the full force of the law.