8 Sep 2006

Fiji Nationalist Party says hoteliers should pay well for foreshore use

9:58 am on 8 September 2006

Fiji's Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party wants the country's hoteliers to pay the maximum possible to indigenous qoliqoli owners once the foreshore legislation is passed.

Radio Legend reports that this is the submission made to the parliamentary committee scrutinizing the Qoliqoli Bill by the party leader and former coup convict, Iliesa Duvuloco.

Mr Duvuloco says the hoteliers should pay the highest amount they are capable of paying because qoliqoli owners have been deprived and robbed for 134 years.

Mr Duvuloco says this is a national debt to the qoliqoli owners and it is time to pay it back.

He says hotels are raking in millions and millions of dollars and the more they can pay the happier the resource owners will be.

Mr Duvuloco says it's time to pay up and pay well.