6 Sep 2006

Solomons government details rural policy

2:05 pm on 6 September 2006

The Solomon Islands government has given details of how it plans to implement its rural policy.

The director of the Economic Reform Unit, Harry Kuma, says the policy aims are to strengthen the structure of rural communities to make them more mobile.

He says the key areas of focus are financial services, agriculture, transport, forestry and tourism.

Mr Kuma says the government is still working out the cost, but he says donors will be targetted for help as it's expected to cost millions of dollars to implement.

He says it'll be some time before the rural community sees any effect of the policy.

"The thing however is how soon and how quickly are we going to do this. And for the rural community, the delivery of services, if that is the aim, is always something that they would appreciate and the improvement of infrastructure."

Harry Kuma