5 Sep 2006

Niue tries to restore phone system

1:59 pm on 5 September 2006

Telecom engineers are attempting to restore full phone services to Niue after the mobile system and some of the international circuits were affected following a power outage.

The managing director of Telecom Niue, Richard Hipa, says the company's standby generators also failed at the same time as the power supply which led to the current problems.

Mr Hipa says this resulted in the deprogramming of the main exchange but they are working to resolve that.

"One of the services which has been down, and is still down - we hope to recover that today, is the mobile system for the whole island. The mobile system provides 60 percent of our local telephone services."

Mr Hipa says they will have to look at upgrading the standby generators but it would also help if the country's power supply was consistent.