5 Sep 2006

Calls for French Polynesian minister to resign over education slur

12:26 pm on 5 September 2006

There have been calls in French Polynesia for the education minister, Jean-Marius Raapoto, to resign following recent comments by President Oscar Temaru.

Last week, Mr Temaru told an agriculture fair that the French education system in the territory produced only idiots and unemployed people.

Opposition parties have called on Mr Raapoto to step down.

The head of the teachers' union, Marc Ploton, has told local RFO radio that the assembly members who are teachers that produced idiots should be honest with themselves and resign.

"All teaching staff are extremely shocked. I'm sorry Mr President but we don't produce idiots and unemployed people."

Marc Ploton says teachers don't deserve this.

Mr Raapoto has ruled out that he will resign over the matter.