4 Sep 2006

Forum Secretariat congratulates Vanuatu on Disaster Plan

2:11 pm on 4 September 2006

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has congratulated Vanuatu for its draft National Action Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management.

The Secretariat recognises Vanuatu's government as the first in the region to champion and design such a Plan.

The Secretary General of the Forum, Greg Urwin, says Vanuatu has taken the lead in implementing the decision by Pacific Island Leaders.

Mr Urwin says this is a good example of an issue that has been agreed on at the regional level being successful implemented at the national level.

The Vanuatu NAP includes actions which require a coordinated effort between government, the private sector and civil society to mitigate and minimise risks before a disaster strikes, and not just respond to disaster when it strikes.

The draft National Action Plan will now go before the Vanuatu Council of Ministers for its endorsement.