31 Aug 2006

Fiji police commissioner denies allegations senior officer used gun to threaten nightclub patron

7:11 pm on 31 August 2006

Fiji's police commissioner is strongly denying reports that one of his assistant commissioners entered a Suva nightclub with a gun and threatened a patron.

Andrew Hughes says there was an investigation but the allegation was concoted by an officer with a personal grudge.

Mr Hughes says the officer made a complaint about the assistant commissioner, who had been on a late shift with the tactical response team, which is armed.

He says it followed an incident involving the senior officer at the team's headquarters.

"And there were some officers asleep. And he said if I had my gun now I could storm these guys, and he withdrew his gun and just pointed it at the ground, nowhere near them, and then said you know look, like that. And then put the gun back in his holster and that was it."

Mr Hughes says the allegation was a bid to discredit the assistant commissioner, who has a reputation for being a disciplinarian.