31 Aug 2006

PNG police seek suspended governor

12:27 pm on 31 August 2006

The Papua New Guinea police commissioner Sam Inguba says he has written to the suspended governor of the Southern Highlands province, Hami Yawari, to present himself to fraud detectives.

Mr Yawari is wanted for questioning over allegations of gross mismanagement of community funds.

Mr Inguba says so far the former governor has not shown up, making it possible that a warrant for the governor's arrest may be issued.

This comes as a three-week amnesty starts today for the surrender of illegal firearms in Southern Highlands province.

This was announced by the police minister, Alphonse Willie, a month after a state of emergency has been declared in the province.

The Southern Highlands is notorious for illegal firearms which are used in tribal fights, highway robberies and at election-time to intimidate rival candidate supporters and election officials.

The amnesty calls for all illegal firearms to be surrendered and promises immunity from criminal prosecution if people comply.