30 Aug 2006

Fiji police investigating anonymous claims of judicial bribery

10:07 am on 30 August 2006

Fiji police are investigating the source of a series of letters being circulated in Suva alleging that senior members of the judiciary have been bribed.

The Daily Post says the letters allege that senior judicial officials received bribes to drop charges against the son of a prominent politician.

The Post says the director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Jo Rasiga, has confirmed they are investigating the letters after a complaint by the director of public prosecutions, Josaia Naigulevu.

Mr Rasiga says the letters make serious allegations against senior members of the judiciary as well as a politician, adding that the authors of the letters need to be exposed.

The letters allege that corruption is rife in the judiciary and that a judicial official was paid 6-thousand US dollars to drop charges against the son of a politician.

The letters claim that another judicial official received "cuts" from the politician and attack the police force for not pursuing the case.