29 Aug 2006

Palau prepares Taiwan summit with Pacific allies

3:09 pm on 29 August 2006

Palau says final preparations to host Taiwan's summit with its Pacific diplomatic allies are under way.

Palau will be the venue for the meeting on September the 4th.

Leaders from Nauru, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati as well as the President of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian are expected to attend.

The summit comes four months after China hosted a summit in Fiji for Pacific countries with diplomatic ties to Beijing.

Billy Kuartei, who is Palau's chief of staff to the President, says Taiwan is assisting delegates to get to Koror to discuss various topics.

"There's capacity building of government involving cooperation of law enforcement agencies such as customs, prevention of money laundering, coast guard and police. There's also digital government and then there is medical care."

Billy Kuartei says Palau wants to raise environmental issues at the summit.