29 Aug 2006

Fiji's Road and Safety Council struggling to change driver attitudes

11:40 am on 29 August 2006

Fiji's National Road and Safety Council says its struggling to change the 'no fear' attitudes of many road users.

The Council's assistant director, Timoti Satakala, says this is due to the law not being enforced and the penalties for non-compliance being low.

He says more worrying for the council is that many people don't wear seatbelts because they have a false sense of being 'safe', as there is a common perception that road accidents only happen to other people.

Mr Satakala says their latest road statistic is a concern.

"The trend now is quite high for a small country like Fiji. Now we have 56 fatalities compared to around 40 for the same period last year - which is quite high."

Timoti Satakala says as well as collect data, the council focuses on roads, education, engineering and the licensing of vehicles.