25 Aug 2006

Coalition calls on New Zealand government to increase foreign aid

10:43 am on 25 August 2006

A coalition of New Zealand aid agencies has called on the Government to spend more on foreign aid.

The Pointseven Campaign held a debate in Wellington asking whether New Zealand was doing enough to meet its aid obligations to the United Nations.

These require it to be spend 0.7 per cent of gross national income in aid by the year 2015.

Currently, New Zealand's aid donations make up just 0.27 per cent. of GDI

Rae Julian of the Council for International Development says one of the best places New Zealand can send aid is the Pacific.

"We have Pacific neighbours that are in a much poorer situation than we are. So, in order to keep the faith with our Pacific cousins we should be trying to redress the balance."

Rae Julian says giving aid is part of being a good global citizen.