16 Aug 2006

Forum says fake passports in the region mainly from Asia

2:02 pm on 16 August 2006

The Forum Secretariat's law enforcement advisor, Shaun Evans, says many fake passports used in the Pacific are produced in the Asian region.

This comes as Fiji's minister for immigration, Jioji Konrote, said there has been an influx of people into Fiji with fake travel papers.

Mr Evans says illegal travellers mainly transit the region and use fake papers from a number of countries.

"There have been allegations that some of these documentations are coming from within the immigration services, but the majority of them have been effected elsewhere. A lot of the passports that they are using are for example Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, because they do not require visas to get into a number of countries."

Mr Evans says it is a regionwide problem, but Fiji is affected in particular because it has direct air services to a number of countries.