15 Aug 2006

Fiji Police Commissioner rejects call for intervention in Tui Labasa dispute

10:11 am on 15 August 2006

Fiji's Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says it's not up to him to intervene in a dispute over chiefly titles in Labasa.

The dispute over the installation of Salanieta Tuilomaloma as Tui Labasa resulted in a stabbing of a man from a rival claimant.

A spokesman from the attacked villages says police were not on top of the situation.

But Mr Hughes says the police job is not to try and solve problems of such nature but only to see that the law is upheld.

"Its not the responsibility of the police to reslove chiefly titles, there are other Ministries and agencies that have that resposibility, weve done our job though we will continue to contribute to the process But its not our number one responsibility."

Mr Hughes says six men were arrested over the incident and it's now up to the authorities concerning the title dispute to settle the matter.