11 Aug 2006

Marshalls get donation of 10,000 light bulbs

2:12 pm on 11 August 2006

A London-based group has given the Marshall Islands 10,000 energy efficient light bulbs to help it cut fuel costs to generate electricity.

The England-based non-profit group Climate Care donated about 50,000 US dollars worth of bulbs which are being installed by the Marshalls Energy Company in Majuro.

A board member of the New York-based Climate Institute, Tom Roper, says the aim is reduce electric bills for residential customers, while cutting the utility company's overall use of fossil fuel.

Mr Roper says the use of these bulbs could save the utility company 150,000 US dollars a year in fuel costs.

The Marshall Islands has been is feeling the impact of skyrocketing fuel prices on the world market with an electricity rate increase last month and another planned for next month.