10 Aug 2006

French Polynesian opposition hits back at government in fund misuse spat

10:23 am on 10 August 2006

The French Polynesian opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira has hit back at the government over its call for appeals to be rejected in a financial misuse case.

The Tahoeraa has issued a statement, describing the government's move as pathetic and anti-democratic by denying it a right to appeal.

Tahoeraa leaders have been ordered to repay three million US dollars which were deemed to have been misspent but the Tahoeraa says it did no wrong.

It has in turn accused the government of trying to divert attention from the problems faced by the population on a daily basis as the cost of living is soaring.

It says that President Oscar Temaru's trip to the Football World Cup in Germany and travel to Sweden to visit the grave of anti-nuclear campaigner may also be viewed as an abuse of public funds.