10 Aug 2006

New Caledonian Human Rights League critical of RFO strike

2:01 pm on 10 August 2006

The Human Rights League in New Caledonia has criticised the silence of the politicians and the French state in the face of a prolonged strike at the public broadcaster, RFO.

The station has had its work intermittently disrupted by a small group of staff since March over the sacking of a Kanak technician who was convicted for assault during a 100-day strike at RFO in 2004.

The League's president, Elie Poigoune, told RFO that by defending the perceived rights of one person, the rights of many others are being ignored.

Mr Poigoune says nobody dares to confront the USTKE union which backs the strikers.

He says this gives the union movement and the Kanaks a bad image.