10 Aug 2006

Japanese company plans eco-village in CNMI

12:01 pm on 10 August 2006

A Japanese company plans to develop an eco-village on the small CNMI island of Rota, showcasing a community that depends on renewable energy sources and makes use of Kinshizen principles in developing its infrastructure.

Kinshizen means changing the way of thinking in doing things

CNMI's Commerce Secretary, James Santos, says the eco-village is the second phase of a multi-million investment on Rota.

The first phase will be the construction of a two million dollar tennis court facility to serve as training venue for top-calibre players.

The third phase will be a hydrogen fuel project.

Mr Santos says Rota was chosen for the pilot project because it is small and manageable.

He said that if the project is a success it could be repeated on Saipan or other bigger islands.