8 Aug 2006

Tonag health minister opens new hospital wing

3:11 pm on 8 August 2006

Tonga's Minister of Health, Dr. Viliami Tangi this morning performed the first surgical operation in one of the three new operating theaters at the new wing of the country's main hospital.

Dr Tangi told Radio Tonga that today is a historical day for the staff at Vaiola Hospital as they use the new facilities.

He says the equipment is state of the art and brand-new, and would definitely provide better service for the people.

The new wing has three operating theaters and according to the minister, two operating theaters can be used at one time and if there will be any emergency, they can use the third.

Dr. Viliami Tangi added that they are currently talking with the Japanese government for the renovation of a part of the old building for the acute and emergency unit.