7 Aug 2006

Bougainville police frustrated by No Go Zone in hunt for multiple killer

8:37 pm on 7 August 2006

The police in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville say they are unable to arrest the suspect in a multiple killing because he is in one of the so called "no go zones" on the main island.

Five men were killed in the attack at Wisae in southern Bougainville more than two weeks ago.

A baby being carried by one of the victims at the time of the shootings was also hurt and received treatment at the provincial hospital in Buka.

The police commmander, Assistant Commissioner Paul Kamuai, says the suspect is a public servant but they have not been able to arrest him of the because of the difficulties they face accessing the no go zones.

He says it appears the shooting was a dispute within a family.

"I think one or two of those killed were related to the person now being suspected or now being accused. There have some initial reports about some problems within the family. But then this person got a firearm and got into a shooting spree."