7 Aug 2006

Calls for Fiji to help Rotuma with fuel supplies

6:12 am on 7 August 2006

There are calls for the Fiji government to step in and help the northern island of Rotuma.

The island is facing a critical fuel shortage which has seen power cuts, and water rationed to its more than 2,000 residents.

The senator for Rotuma, John Fatiaki, says fuel from commercial outlets dried up two weeks ago and at the Public Works Depot last week.

He says fuel is delivered to Rotuma monthly but recent supplies have been less than what is required.

Dr Fatiaki, who is on Rotuma, has appealed to the government in Suva to send emergency relief supplies.

"I think that if the boats don't come within the week, and the fuel supply at the government station runs out, the current electricity will be significantly reduced, and obviously everything that operates on electricity becomes non-functional ."