1 Aug 2006

Netball Fiji have two interested sponsorship parties for World Cup next year

10:10 am on 1 August 2006

Netball Fiji is hoping a proposal put foward to a local company whose headquarters are based in the United States will go some way towards financing the World championships next year.

The World Netball Committie is looking for one point 73 million US dollars to stage the world championships in Suva, and at this stage have two interested parties willing to sponsor the event.

However, WNC chairman, Rajesh Singh says they're hopeful of success with the first proposal but do have a back up plan.

"We are looking at another sponsor with great interest. They're willing to pour three million Fiji dollars, so we are talking to them too, but as you know we approached this local based company headquarters in LA. We approached them first and they are giving us an opportunity to go and do our presentation, and the amount is two million and we will speak with our wards because when we started corresponding with them so they got the first chance. And the second one is they are ready to pour in three million they are ready to sign and MOU so we will see how the first one goes and then we will give the option to the second one."