1 Aug 2006

Fiji public debt set to rise again

7:02 am on 1 August 2006

Two economists from Fiji and Malaysia are predicting that the Fiji government's debt level is expected to increase from 53.2% to 54.2% this year.

The Fiji Times reports that the forecast comes from T K Jayaraman from the USP's School of Economics and Chee Keong from the Economics Department of University Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia.

They say the Fiji government's debt level at the end of this year is expected to rise to nearly 1-point-6 billion US dollars, or 54.2% of GDP.

At the end of last year, the public debt stood at 1.46 billion US dollars.

The two economists say with excess liquidity in the monetary system due to the poor investment climate, the government does not find it difficult to borrow domestically to finance its annual fiscal budget.