31 Jul 2006

Greenpeace dismisses Rimbunan Hijau-commissioned report on PNG logging

6:28 pm on 31 July 2006

Greenpeace says grassroots Papua new Guineans are in support of the environmental organisation speaking out against a Malaysian logging company's operations.

Greenpeace has dismissed accusations that it is running a slander campaign against Rimbunan Hijau, which is the largest logging company in PNG.

RH has long been accused of colluding with PNG political leaders to illegally harvest rainforest timber to the detriment of local landowners.

RH recently commissioned consulting firm ITS Global to investigate, and the ensuing report said RH was operating in compliance with the laws.

But Greenpeace's campaign manager for the Asia/Pacific region, Danny Kennedy, says ITS are merely spin doctors brought in to paper over the facts.

He says the facts have been well laid out by various NGOs and the few good politicians in PNG's parliament.

"You know, we've caught the Blair government red-handed in recent weeks dealing in illegally sourced timber from PNG, processed in China. We know the supply chain and we know right down to the ground level, the grass-roots where the opposition is the strongest, that most of this stuff is not above board."

Greenpeace's Danny Kennedy.