31 Jul 2006

Marshalls government puts in US$1m to fix Ebeye power

3:04 pm on 31 July 2006

The Marshall Islands government is injecting one million US dollars to fix power, water and sewer problems on the overcrowded island of Ebeye.

But President Kessai Note says there is no need to declaring a state of emergency as it would not provide the means to address the problem.

Earlier this month, the Ebeye mayor, Johnny Lemari, called life on the island unbearable and asked the national government to declare a state of emergency.

The one million US dollars authorised for use at Ebeye is from a 5.3 million dollar fund that has accumulated over the past three years.

It has gone unused because of an ongoing political dispute between the landowners at Kwajalein and the national government over the long-term American use of the missile range.