31 Jul 2006

Samoa MP claims of ineffective drugs dismissed by Health Services

12:58 pm on 31 July 2006

A first-time Samoan politician, who is a medical doctor by profession, has claimed the Ministry of Health is supplying ineffective medicinal drugs for treatment.

MP Motuopua'a Dr. Aisoli Va'ai's claims have worried the public and several patients at the National Hospital.

Recently in parliament he said the ineffective drugs could have side-effects and damage kidneys.

He said this was due to of cheap drugs being used after tenders were awarded to suppliers from Asia.

But his claims have been strongly denied in a report by the newly appointed General Manager of National Health Services.

The Samoa Observer newspaper quotes Dr Stanley Dean as saying the companies supplying the drugs are recommended to the Ministry of Health by the World Health Organisation.

Dr Stanley said the companies not only have high standards of testing but they also have to pass stringent criteria for their products set by the US Food and Drug Administration.