28 Jul 2006

Vanuatu government looks to improve relationship with media

3:47 pm on 28 July 2006

Vanuatu's government says it wants to imrpove its relationship with the media.

The Office of the Prime Minister has requested assistance from the Media Association of Vanuatu and the local Media Industry in formulating a government policy on the affairs of the media.

The Prime Minister's First Political Advisor, George Bogiri, says says the objective in setting up a media policy framework is to provide easier access for the media to information from the government.

Mr Bogiri says there is a need for more openness in the government system because a lot of directors, middle-management officials and even some politicians are inexperienced in dealing with the media.

He admits that there is often a mistrust of media.

"Because sometimes when things are wrong within the government, people within government wouldn't want the news released in the media. So they tend to look at the media as the enemy."

Mr Bogiri says the government has had no policy on how to deal with the media and would benefit from clear guidelines being put in place.