28 Jul 2006

French Polynesia's President welcomes Japanese experts

9:09 am on 28 July 2006

The French Polynesia President, Oscar Temaru, has welcomed three Japanese experts who are looking into aquaculture farming on the Tuamotu atoll of Rangiroa and a tuna-breeding project for the Tuamotu atoll of Hao.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports the Japanese delegation is being accompanied by Tahiti's aquaculture minister, Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu.

The Japanese tour includes visiting the government's Fishing Department, the future Sea Center, Papeete's commercial fishing port, the South Pacific Shipyard commercial fish wholesalers and fish companies.

On Rangiroa, the Japanese experts will visit a breeding farm for coral reef larvae destined for the aquaculture market.

The Japanese experts' visit to evaluate potential methods of bi-lateral cooperation stems from Temaru's visits to Japan last August and last May.