28 Jul 2006

The deputy leader of the Fiji Labour Party prepared to lose parliamentary

6:50 am on 28 July 2006

The deputy leader of the Fiji Labour Party and cabinet minister, Poseci Bune, says he is prepared to lose his parliamentary seat over the stand he and four of his colleagues have taken over Mahendra Chaudhry's senate nominations.

Mr Bune has also rejected any suggestions that he has apologised to Mr Chaudhry.

He has told Fiji TV he won't back down on the step he and his colleagues have taken in publicly questioning Mr Chaudhry and preparing their own senate list.

Mr Bune says he has taken a principled stand to fight for greater democratization of decision making in the Labour Party and will not waiver, even if it means losing his seat.

Meanwhile, his fellow cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, has praised the prime minister, saying Laisenia Qarase is a good and democratic decision maker.

Mr Datt says in a ministry of information interview that there is a lot of danger in authoritarian decision making because if they are wrong, they take everyone in the wrong direction.