27 Jul 2006

Concern over possible eruption of Samoa's Matavanu volcano

3:05 pm on 27 July 2006

There's been a prediction that the Matavanu volcano on Samoa's Savaii island will erupt again in the next decade.

The volcano last erupted a century ago spewing lava for miles and nearly wiping out the entire population of villages bordering Saleaula.

Some of the villagers resettled in Leauvaa and Salamumu villages on Upolu.

Shaun Williams of the Meteorology Division is quoted by EventPolynesia website that in the next ten to 15 years, Samoa could be witnessing another eruption of Matavanu volcano.

His comments were based on analysis from a recent survey of the area.

Mr Williams says the next eruption may not be at the exact spot of the last eruption, but would most likely be around that area.

He says it was difficult to predict the exact location of the next eruption because they lack the equipment and resources to monitor the volcano.

And, he says a request to the government for more funding has been denied.