21 Jul 2006

Cook Islands government plays a wait and see game

3:28 pm on 21 July 2006

The Cook Islands government says it will wait and see as to what the opposition Cook Islands Party's plans are after the CIP candidate won yesterday's by-election in Matavera.

Kiriau Turepu won 234 votes while his nearest rival the Democratic Alliance candidate Vaine Teokotai picked up 185.

However, the Prime Minister, Jim Marurai, says Caucus has decided to do nothing at this stage, although he admits that the opposition has 13 seats to his 11.

"They could either raise the confidence motion or defeat the budget either way the government will be thrown out."

However, the leader of the opposition's CIP, Sir Geoffrey Henry, has confirmed that they won't stop the budget, but will keep the vote of no confidence on the table.