21 Jul 2006

Samoa prime minister says same-sex marriages not right for Samoa

12:47 pm on 21 July 2006

The ongoing debate over the issue of same sex marriage in Samoa has sparked debate between supporters and anti-gay people amongst several Church leaders, human rights activists and politicians.

The Prime Minister, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, is quoted in the Samoa Observer newspaper as saying the practice is unlikely to be allowed in the country.

The prime minister says Samoa has no laws to allow same sex marriage as Christian principles would continue to be observed.

Tuila'epa's comments to the media come after a local evangelical church Pastor, Viliamu Mafo'e, has called on the government to wipe out homosexuality.

The pastor had also asked the government to draft legislation prohibiting the practice.

Pastor Mafo'e's call has also been supported by the chairman of the Council of Churches in Samoa, the Reverend Oka Fauolo.