21 Jul 2006

Fiji transport minister says flight delays a common problem

9:55 am on 21 July 2006

Fiji's Minister for Transport and Tourism, Tomasi Vuetilovoni says the public will have to put up with the continuous delays in flights with Air Fiji.

Mr Vuetilovoni told the Fiji Times following a meeting with Air Fiji executives that the problem of flight delays was common in all parts of the world.

Regarding concerns about delays in flights to and from Savusavu affecting the northern town's growing tourism industry, Mr Vuetilovoni says Air Fiji can only use its Y12 aircraft in Savusavu, as the Bandeirante has been banned from the Savusavu airstrip.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Fiji Islands banned the Bandeirante from the Savusavu airstrip after one veered off the runway and hit a fence last month.

He says that Savusavu passengers would have to make do with the services that Air Fiji was able to provide with the Y12 aircraft it had available.