20 Jul 2006

More Solomon Islanders need to be involved in RAMSI's decision making - OXFAM

1:34 pm on 20 July 2006

A Solomon Islands development consultant, Afu Billy, says the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI, needs to involve local people more in its decision making.

Ms Billy's comments come as the NGO Oxfam released a report, called Bridging the Gap, that says the expensive RAMSI mission will fail in many of its objectives unless it connects more with the community.

Oxfam's researcher Nic Maclellan says many of the Solomon Islanders they spoke with had little idea of what RAMSI was trying to achieve.

Ms Billy says it would be the logical step to involve more Solomon Islanders in the process.

"Like any policy or planning that they do I just think they should involve a lot of local people to give advice. I just think that is logical. Local people know more about how things are done in Solomon Islands."