17 Jul 2006

Vanuatu Minister wonders why police commissioner announcement taking so long

7:03 pm on 17 July 2006

The Vanuatu Minister for Internal Affairs, George Wells, says it is getting tiresome to wait for the official appointment of the country's new police commissioner.

The minister says a decision has been made and it is clear a ni-Vanuatu will fill the position.

But he says the president must make an official announcement of the appointment and he does not know why it is taking him so long.

"I don't know why, why it is taking so long. It is getting frustrating just to wait for his official appointment. We want to see his appointment made as soon as possible so that we can start to do some work, instead of waiting, waiting, waiting."

Vanuatu Minister for Internal Affairs, George Wells.

Meanwhile, local media have said Lieutenant Colonel Lui Phatu, who has extensive experience in the police force, will fill the post.

Reports say Lt Col Phatu has recently returned from a peacekeeping mission abroad.