17 Jul 2006

Samoa Council of Churches backs calls to ban gay marriage

1:47 pm on 17 July 2006

The chairman of Samoa's Council of Churches, the Reverend Oka Fauolo, is supporting a call for the government to ban same sex marriage.

His support comes after a local evangelical church pastor, Viliamu Mafo'e, called on the government to ban gay marriages.

The Reverend Oka told the Samoa Observer newspaper that he is supporting the idea of drafting a law to prohibit the practice.

He said the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa has never discussed the issue because the church knows that God created a man and a woman.

But a supporter of same sex couples told the newspaper that there are far worse issues the church should give its attention to .

He said the church should look into why more and more people are hacking each other to death with machetes.

The supporter is also accusing the church of "hypocrisy".